Jeff Kollman


Musically endowed, American guitarist Jeff Kollman came strumming about from his hometown of Toledo, Ohio and since 1997 resides in Los Angeles, California. At age 12, Kollman's father handed him a guitar and it soon became an extension of the man himself. While those he played with in his youth frolicked, Jeff was known to go straight home and practice. Those very friends he holds dear to this day, realize what becomes of such devotion to an instrument, welcoming him back home in Toledo with intimate jams as often as they may have him.

Kollman is a highly celebrated musician, and best known for work with metal band Edwin Dare, his progressive trio Cosmosquad, the fusion/rock/funk and high octane Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats (Chad Smith: drummer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers *and Will Ferrell's doppleganger. *View the drum-off challenge hosted by Jimmy Fallon between the two), Asia - FJP, jazz group Tizer, Glenn Hughes (of Deep Purple), U.F.O.,Mogg/Way, and $ign of 4. Kollman also plays live with bassist/vocalist Marco Mendoza (of Thin Lizzy), bassist Damian Erskine (nephew of Weather Report's Peter Erskine), and the blues/rock band Bleeding Harp.

Kollman has worked as a session guitarist, producer, songwriter, and actor. He has written music for movies and TV, including a commercial which ran during the 2007 Super Bowl. He is the owner and operator of Marmaduke Records, which has released the bulk of his albums.


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